Mexican Gallery in the British museum

Written by pollex Friday, 26 March 2010 11:42

The Mexican Room puts on permanent display a part of the British Museum’s collection of Olmec, Teotihuacano, Huasteco and Aztec pieces. The relatively small space (187 square meters) is divided into two parts: a central section and a gallery separated by a portico, where the magnificent Mayan friezes from Yaxchilán are exhibited. The central section displays the large pieces of the collection on two platformscylindrical and pyramidal-, while an Aztec serpent mounted on a stele receives the visiting public before the entrance. One side of this central section is enclosed by a semi-suspended glass display case containing ritual objects covered in turquoise mosaics. The other three sides are lined with floor-to-ceiling display cases for pieces requiring special security. The room was conceived as a stone precinct evoking the spirit of ancient Mesoamerican architecture.

Friday, 26 March 2010 11:42